The Spinal Tap Theory of Conspiracy Theory c / Much of what QAnon classes as 'conspiracy theory' simply takes founded 'conspiracy' (that exists at around 9/10 on a plausibility scale) and dials it up to 11 into the realms of unfounded 'conspiracy theory'. When we say "baseless" can we be totally confident that these are entirely emergent properties with no causations or correlations? Or is the base for the baselessness a (neo)liberal tendency to push plausibility / morality to extremes in the hope it won't go over the cliff into the realms implausibility?

Disclaimer: None of this is intended to defend, platform, or validate Qanon or conspiracy theories. It is simply intended to critically question the extent of liberal societies role in creating its causal conditions, and an associated reluctance to accept any degree of culpability for such outcomes.










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