We are Solar beings c / Just as clouds are inhabitants of the Earth's atmosphere we too are inhabitants of the Sun's atmosphere.

Homo Sapiens have evolved a sense of belonging as inhabitants of planet Earth. But we are also essentially inhabitants of the celestial atmosphere of our Sun. We live within the Sun's atmosphere as clouds live within the Earth's atmosphere. The light from the Sun takes just 480 seconds to reach us, our next nearest stars are 4.3 light-years away by comparison. Life on Earth was literally fired by the heat of the Sun. We orbit the Sun's atmosphere within the life giving habitable (Goldilocks) zone, a space that is neither too hot nor too cold to support liquid water - a key ingredient for life. The Northern Lights are evidence of our celestial residency, their ethereal beauty is the observable phenomenon of a solar storm from the Sun's atmosphere touching at our own atmosphere. We have evolved under the Sun's metaphysical habitat in synbios as evolving within the Earth's physical habitat.

We are as much Solarlings as we are Earthlings.

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