Neuro-Diversification c / Now that pretty much all apps and UX design is engineered to trigger the neurological mood stimulant of dopamine [reducing the metaverse to a neurotypical monoculture of pavlovian quick hits], what might it mean to simply bias design for the neurological mood stabiliser of serotonin?

Fig 1. App icon alerts are designed to distract and stimulate immediate / constant attention while entraining users to habitualised digital dopamine addiction.

Fig 2. Removing alerts and reducing home screen from 28 apps to 15 in harmonious colour palette where the subtle contrast of border colour indicates content updates.

Fig 3a. The distinction between biasing for serotonin versus dopamine is best illustrated in the distinct differences in editorial values found between publishing 'news' and 'current affairs'.

Fig 3b. "Current Affairs..differs from regular news broadcasts that place emphasis on news reports presented for simple presentation as soon as possible, often with a minimum of analysis." - Wikipedia

Fig 4a. Where dopamine release craves numerical quantification, serotonin release embraces the qualification of relative values such as sunlight.

Fig 4b. Redesigning time measurement in the interests of serotonin might abandon numerical quantification entirely.

Fig 5a. Where the Sun might replace the tyranny of the standardised clock, the Moon would replace the tyranny of the linear calendar.

Fig 5b. Lunar Cycles replace the lunacy of grids.

Fig 6a. Where dopamine demands the quick hits of immediate results, serotonin stabilises our relationship to the natural world.

Fig 6b. Hence a considering the forecasts of a safe and just environment for future generations might take precedence over forecasts of a nice few days of sunshine.

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