Wise Plug c / Finalist of Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2016. Wise Plug acts as a direct conduit/intervention between the electricity grid and electricity using devices to provide an intuitive means to understand and manage our domestic energy use in the home by; a) visualising the nuanced energy use of devices as simple colour. b) mirroring the natural bio-mimicry of daily energy harvesting, storage and release.

Read the projects full application form and specification here.

Project development to date; The first application of Wise Plug was prototyped by MA Design Interactions student Ted Hunt at the Royal College of Art in 2014 within a one week AcrossRCA brief entitled Seeing Things. The brief was led by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Senior Research Associate Dr Dan Lockton as part of a joint research project with SusLabNWE. Ted Hunt later revisited this work in 2016 in specific reference to The Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur award, iterating the concept application from an original plug socket design and into the plug itself.

Wise Plug's latest application has been developed with the grateful support of the following RCA services and faculty; Technical feasibility tutorials and 3-D renderings by RCA Intel Technologist-in-Residence Laurence Symonds, 3-D printing and rapid prototyping by RapidFormRCA, and additional tutorials and critique from Visiting Research Tutor Dr Dan Lockton and Head of SustainRCA Clare Brass.

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