Towards Planetary Health c / What if we thought of, and acted on, the planets health like we do our own complex health?

Fig 1. illustrates a non-exhaustive list of hospital departments associated with a typical NHS Hospital in the United Kingdom. There's quite a lot that can go wrong with the human body, and numerous ways to diagnose and treat those ailments.

Fig 2a. illustrates popular perceptions of planetary health concerns. Popular, political, and mediated discourse seems to have reduced a series of inter-related crises to a single crisis - that of carbon emissions. Further still the treatments in this singular metaphorical department are arguably as reductive as the diagnosis: either planting trees or like-for-like swaps of existing privileges (combustion engine cars swapped for electric cars / fossil fuel energy swapped for renewable energy).

Fig 2b. illustrates a non-exhaustive list of the broader causes and symptoms of the planetary health crises we find ourselves within.

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