9 x Everthings, everywheres, all at onces c / In light of the recent IPCC's recommendation that "our world needs climate action on all fronts-everything, everywhere, all at once" here are 9 open source ideas attempting to broaden the horizons of what 'everything' / 'everywhere' / 'at once' might mean through the lens of plurality (beyond just switching fossil energy to renewable energy, rebranding so-called sustainability as regenerative, giving ourselves a big pat on the back and then carrying on as normal).


Weather & Climate (cc)
What if the daily weather forecast also included a 60-year climate forecast?  

Exiting the Goldilocks Zone (cc)
What if we considered climate crisis as equivalent to exiting the most precious place in the galaxy?  

The MIRED World in The Anthropocene (cc)
What if we imagined futures beyond the 12 month timeframe of the coming Gregorian calendar year?  

Re:Recycling (cc)
What if we acknowledged what we consider as recycling isn’t actually entirely circular or sustainable?  

Working-Protocol (cc)
What if we adopted the basic principles of Doughnut Economics within our personal economics?  

Exhausted (cc)
What if everyday contributors to co2 emissions were required to be highlighted in plain sight?  

Crises: A Re-Edited Editorial Policy (cc)
What if the press addressed the unconscious bias towards policies that advocate conditions of crises?  

Climate Triage (cc)
What if we employed emergency response triage to navigate moral complexities of decarbonisation?  

The Cost of Everything (cc)
What if we internalised the externalised costs (social / environmental / ..) of products into their price?  

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