Design for an Entrance to the Internet (Workshop) c / A workshop and ongoing research project which uses Sir John Soane's unrealised architectural speculation 'Design for an Entrance to London' (c 1805) as a means to reimagine how we directly access and perceive the internet as the modern equivalent to the living organism of a city. The workshop questions how we might do this in a way that more critically considers the role access to the internet plays in authoring our interpretation of reality, our shared values, our social potential and human evolution.

Design For an Entrance to London, Sir John Soane, c 1805

Guest Speaker: James Williams, University of Oxford / Photography: Adam Peacock / Participants: Sophie Chatellier, Kristian Vistrup, Juliana Futter, Perry-James Sugden, Yinan Song, Georgia Ward-Dyer, Sarah Sajid, Josie Tucker, Christy Avraam, Robert Walker, Diana Tanase, Daria Jelonek / Thanks; Ruth Houlsby and John Bridges of Sir John Soane's Museum

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