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Design for an Entrance to the Internet;

"In every line of development there are two points where movement can go no further without external help. At two specific points an additional impulse from an external force is necessary. At these points everything needs an impulse, otherwise it can move no further. We find this 'law of seven' everywhere - in chemistry, in physics.. the same law is at work in all things." Gurdjieff's Conversations

We currently access the internet via single threads rather than interdependent and interrelated 'garments' made of those threads. Can returning the the ancient philosophy of the 'law of seven' (under pinned by Pythagoras) open the entrance to the internet from a single degree of it's possible spectrum into the beginings of a full(er) spectrum of access and understanding? This design visualises how a query might be interpreted into results through a visual representation of the transformation process (commonly performed invisibly by algorithms). Here the transformation process is based upon the 'seven steps of the octave' which were seen by ancient alchemists as containing the world, for it is the number seven that links the divine trinity to the quadernity of the elements.

Renderings by Adam Peacock;