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Design for an Entrance to the Internet;

Design for an Entrance to London, Sir John Soane, c. 1805
© Trustees of Sir John Soane's Museum

In the early 1800's the illustrious English architect Sir John Soane proposed an audacious vision for an Entrance to London, as seen above depicted by Soane's long serving draughtsman and companion Joseph Michael Gandy.

London, like every city (and the internet) would already have had numerous entrances and no specific need for a single defining entrance. However, just as there are many entrances to San Fransisco the Golden Gate Bridge defines our idealised imagined entrance to the city. Soane's vision for an entrance to London was never realised, but had it been it to might have defined not only how we gained access to London, but also how we perceive London.

Design for an Entrance to the Internet hopes to build upon the architectural vision and legacy of Sir John Soane in reimagining how we access and perceive the internet as the modern equivalent to the living organism of a city.