Dark Kitchen Orders 033 / 034 / 062 / 0503

Artists: Berkay Tuncay, Oliver Frank Chanarin, Pau Ardid, Sandra Gamarra, Sara Mackillop and Ted Hunt. Curated by Jessica Varrichio

Ted Hunt presents four McDonald's receipts with empty orders (no cheese, no bun, no patty).

This work is a field research into a glitch within McDonald's automated service checkpoints that allows any burger to be customised out of existence. The glitch reflects the illogical logic of computational and algorithmic thinking often found within digitally facilitated and on-demand food services, where ease of "User Experience" takes precedence over all other factors (such as employment rights, social norms, or even the rational logic of submitting an order made up of nothing).

The work is accompanied by a QR code linking to a TikTok video made by the artist to highlight the glitch, which itself was subject to an immediate 'Shadow Ban' by TikTok for breaching community guidelines, as a further reflection of customisation algorithms significant impacts upon what we see and what we do.




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