A counter factual history of Eames & IBM, 1964-2015. / What if IBM and Eames 1964 Worlds Fair Exhibit Think led to significant investment in multi-perspective technology? This counter factual history investigates and re-imagines differing technological, social and political perspectives resulting from a speculative fork in history. Delta imagines a world in which there is no single perspective, but multiple.

Think, IBM's Pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair by Eames Office.

A counter factual time line of Eames & IBM's relationship

Eames Delta multiscreen interace/ IBM Think Cognitive System

Eames Delta multiscreen interace

News story from multi perspectives

Prototype of Eames Delta multiscreen interace

Prototype of Eames Delta multiscreen interace

Gestural user interface commands

Deconstruction of an argument from multi perspectives

Cognitive Systems at Play poster, Eames & IBM, counter factual history

Counter factual history as exhibit

Detail of counter factual history as exhibit

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