The Alternative School of Alternatives c / The Alternative School of Alternatives is a reaction to the current manifest decrease in the spectrum of considered and implemented alternatives [1]. The schools sole purpose is to propose alternatives for tomorrow, rather than merely create solutions for today. It will identify the side effects, secondary consequence, and incidental narratives, rather than just solving or capitalising upon immediate problems and opportunities. The school sets out to question mainstream pedagogy and education theory / practise in order that it better prepares us to define and inform the next economy, rather than continually remoulding us into the last one.

The school is run as an alternative, and is alternative. Staff, students, researchers and technicians are no longer labeled as such, members of the school are considered equal faculty. The structure of programming is dismantled, faculty spend as long or short a time in faculty as desired. From a day to a decade. Time spent being directly correlated to the conclusion of the alternative(s) in question. The school is self and socially funded, free from the narrow interests and agendas of industry or institutions.

The Alternative School of Alternatives believes that to be unrealistic is now entirely realistic. And indeed may be one of our only remaining strategies to break free of the stranglehold of totalitarian level of industrial scale illogical logic and inefficient efficiencies.

[1] There Is No Alternative was a slogan used by the Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It has come to mean there is no alternative to economic liberalism - that free markets, free trade, and capitalist globalization are the best or the only way for modern societies to develop. Notoriously, when asked what was her greatest achievement, Margaret Thatcher answered "New Labour". She, and her Conservative Government of 1979 to 1990, had reduced the spectrum of their own alternative, the Labour Party, to broadly reflect their own ideology as an establishment. And in doing so wrote out of future history a vast range of possibilities for alternatives.

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