The Idea c / / The Idea first emerged in the mid 21st century, initially as rumour, then speculation, then by passing actualisation and advancing immediately to implication. The Idea was the first ideology to have an impact on reality before it had even been realised, indeed before even many people even knew what The Idea actually was other than a new means of organising so-called reality.

The Idea originated in Silicon Valley, a combined effort by the then self-proclaimed 'trinity' to protect and progress their financial and social control of realism. The Idea was subject to much hype and confirmation bias by those organised by and under the trinity. Within a short period of time The Idea had become so anticipated in its ability to put write all that was wrong that it was near impossible to refuse it when it did eventually enter the reality of reality.

Those previously unaware of the finer details of the The Idea were initially sceptical on first hearing The Idea. This was explained as a simple expectation bias, however, and The Idea went ahead as planned.

The transition from the old idea to The Idea did not proceed unhindered. As the first known engineered shift from a single governing ideology to another The Idea faced complex interrelated and interdependent challenges throughout its alpha and beta phase. It's promise of returned growth and good for all began to deliver, albeit at first only to the decision makers. Equality was promised as the primary purpose of The Idea, and it was equality which gave the believers hope to endeavour to believe.

The Idea was by no means the only idea proposed during this time. A Idea, An Idea, The Ideas, The Other Idea and No Idea also sought to disrupt the progress and influence of The Idea, but ultimately the trinity won out in proving the most effective platform to deliver such an ambitious new ideology.

The Idea is currently predicted to be the world's most practised ideology within the next decade, and the world's only ideology within the next century.

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