CLIMATE AT RISK c / A series of stickers subverting the visual language of alarmism to raise urgent public attention and action to a global #climatestrike. Stickers are deployed to high visibility social assets (such as shared hire bicycles and ATM's) as modern equivalents to the suffragette's 1900's social emancipation campaign to deface coins as a message applied to a single asset that gains multiple interactions. Developed as a rapid response activation with 'Good for Nothing x UKSCN x Glimpse - Climate Strike Mobilisation'. #FridaysforFuture

'Panic might seem counterproductive, but we're at a point where alarmism and catastrophic thinking are valuable..the longer we wait, the worse it will get. Which is one last argument for catastrophic thinking: What creates more sense of urgency than fear?'
- David Wallace-Wells, Time to Panic, The New York Times

PDF templates - 90 stickerbook can be printed at Moo.com for c. £6.35

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